Your business at
a new level

Cloud based POS software

For small businesses that want to grow. For the big ones who want to get better. For each manager, merchant, and employee.














Complete security

Your data is in good hands. Secure cloud server. No viruses, no reinstallation, no data loss.

Remote access

Quantities, prices, turnovers, reports … The business is under control. Via tablet and phone. Always and everywhere.

Integration with WooCommerce

The most popular online store platform just a click away.

Save time and money

The best business software. Easy to operate. Available on weekdays and holidays.

Easy to operate with

Intuitive, easy and convenient to operate. Many available video tutorials are at your disposal at any time.

9:00 - 21:00 support

We are always by your side if you need help or have a question. We will help you for free with the installation of the software.

How does I-CASH
software work?

For small businesses that want to grow. For adults who want to get better. 

For every manager, salesperson and employee

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